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turning wheel artwork
bathroom mural
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students through the window
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Q: What worked well for you on our trip to visit small schools in San Diego?
A: Having time to wander through the school and enteract with staff and students was the most valuable use of my time. I was able to gain information that was most useful to me. Conversing with my peers about what I observed was also valuable. I would have liked more time for group conversation after our visits.

Q: What are your key lessons learned?
A: In order to successfully create "Community" within a school setting the building needs to have areas for social interaction.

Q: What would you like to focus on moving forward as part of your school redesign team?
A: First of all I strongly feel that the we need to focus on developing strong "Guiding Principles" before we can move forward. By this I mean have a clear direction / philosophy that our school (POC) agrees upon.

Q: What do you personally intend to do as a result of what you have learned?
A: I hope to be a strong voice to promote positive energy / attitude within my school.

Q: Anything else?
A: Three pieces I noticed at both High Schools:
1. Strong Leadership
2. A clear direction of where they were headed, (Guiding Principles / Philosophy)
3. Teachers who wanted to be there and believed in the philosophy of the school.

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