tips on how to use this WikiSpace (links include more detailed instructions):


This wiki is access-controlled, which means that anyone can read it, but in order to contribute to it, you must be an “approved” member. This will help us focus participation on the MPHS community of students, teachers, staff, parents and community members (as opposed to allowing comments from outsiders including potential hackers). Once you are approved as a member, you will enjoy continuous access and interaction rights.


INSTRUCTIONS for opening or joining a discussion
  1. to open a discussion, use the "discussion" tab at the top of any wiki page
  2. in the "discussion" tab of each page all previous items are shown, click one to reply or start your own new subject
  3. click "Post" after completing your message.

Add Content

INSTRUCTIONS for posting/uploading images & files
  1. click the "Edit this Page" button to the right of the page
  2. add text by simply typing in this window, you can format your text (bold, size, etc) using the "Editor" bar above
  3. click the small square picture of a tree in the "editor" bar above and follow instructions to insert images or files
  4. you can move the image by dragging it to a new location or re-size it by dragging a corner
  5. click "Save" when you are done posting/arranging your files - this saves your changes and close the editor

Modify Content

INSTRUCTIONS for changing content previously added
please be careful not to delete content provided by others.
  1. click the "Edit this Page" button to the right of the page
  2. highlight the content you wish to modify and delete using the "delete" or "backspace" key
  3. OR place your cursor where you would like to add text, then type new text
  4. click "Save" when you are done - this saves your changes and close the editor

For more information on how to use Wikispaces, see the WikiSpaces help section.